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We believe that as a potential customer you would want to know a little more about whom you are going to entrust with the purchase of your goods. Our primary aim is to make you, the customer, feel relaxed and comfortable when visiting our website by providing a comprehensive Customer Services section designed specifically to allay any concerns you may have about shopping online.

Based in the heart of Birmingham, Blue Ribbon & Roll is a UK based manufacturer and online retailer of pigeon racing supplies including; silk ink ribbons, clock rolls, racing clock and pigeon loft recording books, race sheets and race certificates. BRR are facilitating the growing needs of homing bird enthusiasts worldwide who still prefer to use traditional mechanical pigeon racing clocks including; STB, Benzing and La Le Doise to name just a few of the most popular in use today.

Benzing Pigeon Racing Time Clocks

Benzing Racing Pigeon ClockYou may wish to discover that independent clockmaker Friedrich Benzing, from a town called Villingen in southern Germany, began making decorative clocks way back in 1863!

Around 1890 his grandson Friedrich Ernst Jakob started to build timing clocks for local racing pigeon fanciers, and in doing so encouraged the popular sport of pigeon racing to spread all around Europe. For many decades Benzing mechanical pigeon racing clocks continued to be manufactured to the very highest quality and were constantly being adapted to satisfy the ever changing requirements of homing pigeon racers and enthusiasts worldwide.

In 1957 the Company designed the Benzing Comatic, the first mechanical pigeon clock made of steel instead of the traditional oak wooden case. The original Benzing Comatic pigeon timer could clock up to 12 homing birds and had two winders in the back, one clockwise and the other counter clockwise!

1971 saw the creation of the Benzing Elite, the first pigeon clock with a quartz mechanism, and capable of clocking 30 pigeons at a time.

 STB Pigeon Racing Clock Photos

   Above: Benzing Pigeon Racing Clock with traditional oak case

   Left: Typical STB Pigeon Racing Clock





Electronic Pigeon Timing Systems

While Benzing electronic timers, usually referred to as ETS, have now become the new standard for pigeon fanciers in the modern sport, there still continues to be great demand and enthusiasm for the use of the original mechanical timing clocks. Blue Ribbon and Roll are honoured to assist owners of STB, Benzing and La Le Doise pigeon clocks the world over with this time honoured tradition.

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