Pigeon Racing Supplies

Based in the heart of Birmingham, Blue Ribbon & Roll is a UK based manufacturer and online retailer of pigeon racing supplies focusing on Silk Ink Ribbons, Clock Paper Rolls, Racing Clock and Pigeon Loft Recording Books, Race Sheets and Race Certificates. BRR continue to facilitate the growing needs of homing bird enthusiasts worldwide who still prefer to use the traditional mechanical pigeon racing clocks including; STB, Benzing and La Le Doise to name just a few of the most popular in use today.

Electronic race timers, usually referred to as ETS, have now become the standard for pigeon fanciers in the modern sport, but there still continues to be great demand and enthusiasm for the use of the original mechanical timing clocks. BRR are grateful to be able to assist owners of STB, Benzing and La Le Doise pigeon clocks the world over with this proud tradition.

Please note: All of our published prices are fully inclusive of VAT.